THAT Home Automation Topology

The Open Home Automation and Control System

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THAT Home Automation Topology (also known as "THAT" and "THAT System") describes a comprehensive, Ethernet-based home automation and control system. THAT System consists of specifications, hardware, and software which work together to provide a comprehensive feature set. THAT System is designed specifically with modularity, afforability, and the open-source philosophy in mind.

The phrase "home automation" is commonly used to describe a wide variety of products and systems. These products aim to provide their users with some form of systemic, intelligent control over their home/building environment. Inexpensive, simplistic, and functionally limited products are already available on the market as well as expensive, complex, and functionally chaotic devices. The goal of THAT is to provide an option that combines the best of these two extremes.

As of today March 03rd, 2024, THAT System is currently under development by creators Nick Viera and Chris Miller as their senior Capstone Project in Electrical Engineering at Bradley University. The scope of the Capstone Project involves the definition of THAT System, as well as the design and construction of two modules for use with THAT System.

Nick Viera and Chris Miller are co-developing the topology that defines THAT System. Nick Viera is developing a "Digital Thermostat Module." Chris Miller is developing an "Electronic Access Module." The Capstone Project is being advised by Dr. James Irwin and Dr. Aleksander Malinowski of Bradley University. In addition to this website, Nick and Chris currently maintain development blogs for the project. They can be accessed at: