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TEH Doorbell Software
- Python Application for use with TEH Doorbell hardware -

TEH Doorbell 2.6.1 screenshot

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     The TEH Doorbell software is meant for use with TEH Doorbell Hardware, version 1.x, which is documented here. TEH Doorbell software is a simple GUI-based application written in Python using the Tkinter GUI toolkit. It will run on most platforms supported by Python assuming you have the Python interpreter and several other modules installed (as detailed below.)


     In order for the TEH Doorbell software to function or be of any real use, TEH Doorbell hardware version 1.x is required. In addition, the following must be installed on your computer for correct functionality:

  • An RS-232 / EIA-232 serial port (or compatible USB to serial adapter)
  • A Linux, Unix, MacOS, or Windows Operating System supported by Python
  • The Python Interpreter (Version 2.5 or higher)
  • The Tkinter toolkit for Python
  • The pySerial Python module
  • Audio software capable of being run from the command line (i.e. aplay in Linux)*
  • A computer sound card*
  • An amplified speaker set*
       * Required for sound output


     TEH Doorbell is a Python script, meaning it is run in real-time by the Python Interpreter. Therefore no installation of the actual software is necessary. Before running TEH Doorbell for the first time, be sure to edit the "" file using any text editor. This file contains the basic setup options for TEH Doorbell software. After properly editing this file, TEH doorbell can be run from a terminal using a command such as:

python /path/to/app/   (generic)
python C:\doorbell\    (Windows)
python /home/user/      (Unix)

NOTE: TEH Doorbell can also be run on most systems through the GUI by "double-clicking" the file "", however by not running the software through a terminal you will not see any error messages, should they occur.


     TEH Doorbell software is distributed under the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3, which can be viewed in full at the following link: The software files can be downloaded from either the Zip or Gzipped-Tarball files below.

[ TEH Doorbell 2.6.1 Zip File ]      [ TEH Doorbell 2.6.1 Tar.gz File ]