Nick Viera

- Poetry, 2005/01/12 -

               10   IF basically easy is how we want everything to be
               20   it must be because we want more time to be free,
               30   more time for not caring, and going on shopping sprees.
               40   Yes, let's leave all the decisions to those 
                    "knowledgeable" few.
               50   As everything they say must be wholly true
               60   after all, many lies would be far to hard to imbue.
               70   So don't question them lest you want to be thought of
                    as a fool,
               80   even popular opinion says thinking for yourself is uncool
               90   God forbid, you might walk away from the brood.
               100  ELSE you might think for yourself!
               110  You might even open up your mind,
               120  your own opinions you might find,
               130  woah!, it might make you one of a kind.
               140  So what will it be my friend?
               150  GOTO ten and be mindlessly trapped in a trend?
               160  No, not again. For never to those could I again bend!
               170  I want to think for myself until the final
               180  END. My mind will be mine, once again!