Nick Viera

Identity: Nick Viera
- Photo Montage Project -

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The title of this project is Identity: Nick Viera. It was created for my IM285 class and submitted on September 8th, 2009. The guidlines for this project were as follows:

  • Summary: Shoot and edit a 30 second montage of digital photographs that represent a key part of your identity.
  • Goals: To review the basics of image making through still photography. Basic Final Cut Pro editing. Basic tonal control. Aspects & Ratios.
  • Requirements: Images must be shot this semester for this project on a DSLR. Images must optimized in Photoshop for use in Final Cut Pro.
  • Format: A 640x360 (16x9) H.264 mp4. Your file must be named, "lastname_assign1.mp4" and submitted to the Instructors' dropbox. The file must also be posted in the IM 285 projects section of your website.