Nick Viera

Digital Hallway: JeepEV
- Animation Project -

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The title of this project is Digital Hallway: JeepEV. It was created for my IM285 class and submitted on November 11th, 2009. The guidlines for this project were as follows:

Using Adobe After Effects, make a "hallway" consisting of no less than 20 photographs. Each photograph (you may use your own photography or images from stock sources - do not spend time going out and shooting stills just for this assignment) will represent one wall section.

You do not need to have a ceiling or floor, just walls. Construct your walls with a turn or two so that the hallway is not merely straight.


  1. Move the camera slowly. The rendered clip should last between 1:00 - 2:00.
  2. Have the camera explore the X, Y & Z axis. Be as fluid as possible! Small moves!
  3. All the "wall" sections do not have to be the same size
  4. Some wall sections can be solid colors (see example clip in Class Folder) but you still need 20 photo wall sections.
  5. Make sure to use the "Animation" preset when outputting your full-res clip. This is the version I want to see and will grade. You will of course need a web-friendly version
  6. Some audio would be great to go with it, but only add if you want to / have time to