Nick Viera

The Summer of Kristron
- Compositing Project -

The title of this project is The Summer of Kristron. It was created September 28th, 2009 for my IM113 class. The guidlines for this project were as follows:

Use compositing techniques in Photoshop to design a CD cover (just the front cover). Set up your file in Ps to be 5x5 inches at 300 ppi.

The cover may be for an existing recording, or make one up. Your design must include at least 5 different images/design/text elements. This must include at least one photo shot during this semester with a DSLR. It must also include imagery and text effects created in Ps, scanned objects and artwork, etc. Make sure the text elements are well thought out (beware the evils of Script fonts) and an integral part of the design. Keep readability in mind, as a CD cover is actually quite small.

Submit to your Lab Instructor: A 5x5 color print, preferably from the Xerox 7760 located in the Service Bureau.

Submit to your Lab Instructor's Dropbox: A .zip file titled "lastname_comp". The file must produce a folder titled "lastname_comp" that must contain all the original images from which the composite was built and the final, multi-layered Ps file (psd).